We Are the Children  

Welcome to the world of seeing our faith through the eyes of children. With them, we revisit the basics of “Love the Lord Your God,” “Ten Commandments” and “Who Is A Disciple?” Jean and Jim are joined by a children’s choir and by Julie, age 4, who draws the cover, signs her name AND sings a solo on “Loaves and Fishes.” Children will enjoy the sparkle of this collection as they hear voices that sound like them, AND, all ages will enjoy singing these songs together.

  1. Ten Commandments
  2. Love the Lord Your God
  3. This Is My Commandment
  4. Women Disciples
  5. Men Disciples
  6. Who is A Disciple?
  7. We Are the Children
  8. The Whole People of God
  9. Loaves and Fishes
  10. Growin' in God's Way
  11. Glory to God
  12. Hosanna
  13. Serve the Lord
  14. A Journey Just Begun

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