Sunshine in the Morning  

Friends ~ welcome to our "favorites" concert. These songs have traveled with us through so much ~ as have you. Thank you for being with us on this journey. These songs span nearly 40 years of our ministry; they sing our story: celebration, loss, healing ~ and God's constant calling us to life.

We dedicate this collection to our three children:
     In memory of Michael ~ who grew up on these songs and loved them,
     and to Rachel and Julie ~ whose grace and courage continue to bring us "Sunshine in the Morning."

  1. Woke Up This Morning
  2. God We Praise You for the Morning
  3. Praise Our God
  4. Take Off Your Shoes
  5. Fierce Love
  6. Part of the Family
  7. Bim Bom
  8. as-Salaam, Shalom
  9. Song of Hope
  10. Jubilee
  11. Sometimes I Wish
  12. Simple Fisherman
  13. I Am the Light of the World
  14. Look Beyond
  15. There's a Spirit in the Air
  16. What Does the Lord Require?
  17. There'll Be Sunshine in the Morning

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