Jean and Jim singing "Ballad of Ellie
and Jeanne" at their Holy Union,
Sacramento Convention Center, 1999
STAND for What is Right  

We share these songs that offer hope and that call us to “stand up” and make a difference. Everyone has something to give ~ and it is needed NOW. If we are to address how we live together as human beings, how we live with a fragile environment and how we widen the circle to include all God’s children, we need to sing what we believe. And, in that believing, we will bring about the changes that can heal our lives and our planet. Let’s join together and stand for what is right!

  1. Draw the Circle Wide
  2. Prepare Ye the Way
  3. Come Let Us Worship
    & Bread for the Journey
  4. Open Our Hearts
  5. Fields of Praise
  6. Turning of the World
  7. I Am Standing Waiting
  8. Take This Heart of Mine
  9. Stand for What is Right
  10. How Can We Go On
  11. Summer Sun or Winter Skies
  12. Peace is the Way
  13. Make Spaces for Spirit
  14. Ballad of Ellie & Jeanne
  15. Sing A Happy Alleluia
  16. Holy, Holy, Holy
  17. Listen to the Dark
  18. We Are Not Alone

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