Reach Out Children
Change the World with Love

Along with our other children’s collection, “We Are the Children,” the songs from this project were born from many years of creating kids' music for Vacation Bible School. These songs tell our biblical stories and teach our children about love, peace and forgiveness. They speak of each child’s worth and empower them to believe that they can “change the world with love.” Julie joins us once again, no longer a 4-year-old, but adding her voice as a young adult and singing some beautiful duets with her father.

A song sheet of the lyrics is included with this CD.



  1. Reach Out Children
  2. You Are a Special Promise
  3. Follow the Drinkin' Gourd
  4. John Wesley
  5. Open Our Hearts, O God
  6. Come Christians, Join to Sing
  7. Go and Tell
  8. Jesu Tawa Pano
    (Jesus, We Are Here)
  9. Touched by Love
  10. God is Like a Flashlight
  11. Jump for Joy
  12. Love One Another
    (It's Not Easy)
  13. Family Ties
  14. Garden Song (Inch by Inch)
  15. Like a Rock
  16. Do the Impossible

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