Pieces of Our Lives  

In 1887 women gathered to create this wedding quilt for Jean's great-grandmother. Each material and stitch was unique. In the same way, this collection gathers songs ~ songs that wrap us in warmth and caring ~ songs that reflect different "pieces of our lives":
     *songs for God's creation (from our Mass for the Healing of the Earth)
     *songs for children and grownups together
     *words of poets and prophets (Ruth Duck and Shirley Erena Murray)
These are the pieces of our lives ~ songs that give us strength to live faithfully. This recording is blessed to include Michael Strathdee (1974 - 2002) on percussion.

  1. Dance With the Spirit
  2. Every Day
  3. In the Highest Glory
  4. You Can't Earn Love
  5. Child of God
  6. Jesus Took the Bread
  7. So Send Your Love
  8. Make A Joyful Noise
  9. Family Ties
  10. To God Compose a Song of Joy
  11. Sunday Morning
  12. A Wilderness Wandering People
  13. Walls Mark Our Bound'ries
  14. God Weeps
  15. This Thread I Weave
  16. It Takes A Whole Village
  17. Lead us Safely Home

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