Song of Hope  

This picture was taken at the beginning of our journey together, 15 years ago. Like the photo, there are times when we are a little tattered and worn by all that has been a part of the journey, but somehow the joy and excitement keep breaking into our lives. For all that has been, for all that will be, we give thanks.

Jim & Jeanie, Ridgecrest 1985
(Still tattered, worn & joyous - 52 years and counting
Sacramento 2023)

  1. Woke Up This Morning
  2. God We Praise You for the Morning
  3. Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive
  4. There's a Train
  5. Simple Fisherman
  6. Bim Bom
  7. Look Beyond
  8. Servir A Dios
  9. Prayer of St. Francis
  10. The Spirit of the Mother
  11. The 29th of October
  12. Lead Me From Death to Life
  13. Song of Hope

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