Miracle of Dawn   
Our love and care of Earth
        ~ our love and care of one another ~
This is what we are called to LIVE.
This is HOW we live our faith
        ~ being the justice and kindness in our world.
Thank you for singing songs of hope and healing
    with us for over half a century.
                 Jeanie & Jim

  1. At the Door of the Year
  2. Light is Shining in this Place
  3. Miracle of Dawn
  4. Bristlecone Pine Tree
  5. Water Me
  6. Mother Earth, Our Mother Birthing
  7. Tuvalu
  8. O When I Rise
  9. Thank You for the Blessings
  10. Deep in Our Hearts
  11. River Run Deep
  12. Throughout These Lenten Days
    and Nights
  13. Melt Down The Guns
  14. God of Our Foremothers
  15. Holy is the Night

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