A Love Story  
...is our story ~ the journey of two people in committed relationship ~ AND ~ it is "a love story" of how we live and act in this world. Some of the songs are personal: raising children, loving each other, traveling together. Some speak of inclusion of all our sisters and brothers, of care for the Earth, of love for the deep mystery that sustains us. The songs span our time together: some written in the 1970s ~ others as recent as this year. May they bring you hope and give you courage, as you make your way on your journey.  
~Jeanie & Jim

  1. The Spirit in Me
  2. A Place at the Table
  3. We Met on the Mountain
  4. Jodie's Song
  5. Precious Lord
  6. Parents' Prayer
  7. Common Thread
  8. Sweet Jean
  9. Come Thou Fount
  10. Owens Valley Rain
  11. Where the Green Will Rise Again
  12. Turn the World Around
  13. Holy Spirit, Live in Me
  14. Hold On
  15. O, I Will Sing

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